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Monthly Newsletter

February 2024:

Be Strong and courageous. This is the command God gave to Joshua and the Israelites as he was placed as the next leader of Israel after Moses. This passage has stood out to me in this new year and not because we are going through Joshua in our men’s Bible study, but because it is a truth Christians need to hear today. We are in a world that has two major wars happening, Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Hamas. Presidential elections are looming and so much more is happening every day. With the winds of change blowing all over it is easy to lose sight of the truth of God. In order to stand firm we need to hear this command “Be strong and courageous” and remember the promise that is tied to it. God tells us the reason to be strong and courageous is that He is with us. We are not to be strong and courageous by ourselves, alone with no help. No we are to be strong and courageous because we have the Lord with us going before us in all things. We can be certain that nothing takes the Lord by surprise.

My prayer for you and for me is that we are strong and courageous for the Lord God who is with us always. Strong and courageous to stand against the prince of this world, to stand against those wanting to lead us astray, to stand strong and courageous in the truth of the Word of God. To be able live in the light of truth filled with the love of God. To speak the truth of God’s love into others lives. To invite them to church, to grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Book Review

Elders and Deacons have always been a very important part of the Church from the time it was formed. Even now, good Elders and Deacons are vital. With that in mind, I want to talk to you about two books about church leadership. But first I am going to ask you some questions. Do you know what an elder is in the church? Do you know what they do? How are they chosen? What about a deacon? Do you know what they do and how they are chosen? Another question I would ask in follow up, is your view of elders and deacons Biblical? There are two books that can offer some clarification. They are Church Elders by Jeramie Rinne, and Deacons by Matt Smethurst. Both of these books are wonderful and will give direction on what elders and deacons should be, how they should be chosen, and what each does. The great thing is I have some extra copies I would love to lend to you. 


January 2024-   

Happy new year to you all. A new year comes with new challenges, blessings, hopes, fears, and growth. This year my hope is that we draw closer to God. Lately I have heard the phrase, "new year, new you." It leaves me with the question, "is that true?" Just because we have the start of a new year does that mean we are suddenly made new as well? Are we remade in the new year with new bodies, new habits, new cravings? Some may say yes. But I have to disagree. A new year does not lead to a new you. If it did then we would not have the troubles of the old self. There is a way however to become new and that is only through Jesus Christ. Paul tells us this in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” The only way to become new is through Christ Jesus. Christ restores us, renews us, and is remaking us into His image.  So there is a way to become new, clean, and holy again but it doesn’t come at the new year but when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. As He comes into our lives and makes us new. This truth gives me hope this year. The truth that I am not my own but belong to Jesus Christ. I don’t have to recreate myself because He is making me new everyday. His blood has changed me. My hope is that you hold on to the truth of the promises of God. That you realize  you are a new creation in Jesus Christ. That you would give an offering of sacrifice, love, and obedience to Him this year and for the rest of your life. Let us look back at all Jesus has done for us and at the same time look forward to all the blessings He has for us in the future. I will see you Sunday. 

In Christ’s love, Pastor Aaron

December 2023-   

Christmas time is upon us once again. I don’t know about you but it always seems to come so fast. I wait for it all year to come then I am caught unaware when it is here. While this can be a stressful season, it is probably my favorite one. The cold, the eggnog, hot cider, presents, and the wonderful and various treats make Christmas a delight. Trees, lights, songs, and wonder fill the streets, homes, and air around us. With all the distractions and business around us I often find it hard to set time aside to focus on the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

This is why at Christmas we also celebrate advent. What is advent you may ask? Advent means the arrival. It is the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. As Christians we use the term Advent to celebrate the long awaited coming of Jesus Christ. Advent reminds us that God became man. Jesus came  in order to fulfill the requirements of the law and save those who believe in Him from death, judgment and hell. Christians typically celebrate Advent the four weeks before Christmas Day with anticipation of the coming savior. We look back at the gift of Jesus coming in the flesh to redeem mankind while at the same time looking forward to Christ’s return where we will be with Him in eternity forever.

Each week of Advent has a particular theme to focus on. Hope, peace, joy, and love. The reminder that Jesus is the fulfillment of each blessing will help us to refocus on the true meaning of the season of Christmas. That it is not about Santa, presents, goodies, or anything else, but it is a time to remember and reflect all Jesus has done for us. Christmas is a wonderful time for Christians to reflect compassion to others. Let’s face it, compassion in action is not seen very often in our culture. So stand out by reflecting the compassion, mercy, and grace of Christ to those who don’t know Him. Please come and join us as we celebrate advent and the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

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