We are a church in-between

Pastor Widener, AKA "Brother Greg", finished his chapter as our pastor at the end of 2021.  We are thankful for his time with us, and are leaning into what God has next for us.  Please pray for discernment for our church council, Elders, and leaders as they direct FCC during this "in-between" time, and for the selection of the right person to come and be our pastor. 


We currently have an interim pastor that is helping to guide us while we eagerly await our new pastor. 

We invite you to come on by and worship with us on Sunday morning and discover with us what God is going to do next here at FCC on 4th & H!

Currently FCC-GP is looking for a part time Worship Leader.  


The purpose of the Worship Leader is to glorify God by leading the congregation in/through Gospel-centered singing, praising and worshipping of our Savior Jesus Christ. A faithful Worship Leader sees the Leader not as the centerpiece of the worship experience, but as an example of giving oneself over in reverence to God and ushering those around him to join in the celebration and worship of our Lord. 

If you are interested please fill out the contact tab and email us your resume at www.firstchristiangp.com

If you would like the Job description email and we will send it to you.